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Hack Prices

Hacks (all hacks include some road work)

Bespoke hacks can be organised to suit your individual needs, including horses being transported to the common in the lorry to increase hacking time on the common, hacks including pub drinks and/or lunch - please contact us to discuss requirements and for prices 

1 Hour Hack * 

Suitable for all ages and abilities – including lead rein

Private – £45

2 clients – £40

3 or more clients - £35

1.5 Hour Hack ** 

Suitable for walk, trot, competant canter (and can include small jumps) 

Private - £60

2 clients - £55

3 or more clients - £50

2 Hour Hack ** 

Suitable for experienced riders only

Private - £70

2 clients - £60


New clients will be required to have an assessment in the school prior to hacking. 

* For one hour hacks, this time will be deducted from the length of the hack, or can be in addition to the hack (at an additional charge of £15)  If you stated, at time of booking, you do NOT require a leader, and following assessment you DO require a leader, the hack will only go ahead if LGB Equestrian has a leader available.  If no leader is available, you will NOT be able to hack, but will still be charged.

**For 1.5 hour and 2 hour hacks, the assessment must take place on a day prior to the hack and will consist of 20 minutes at a cost of £20.  

The full payment for the hack and assessment must be paid at the time of booking. 

ALL clients wishing to hack MUST be assessed and approved to hack by the Yard Manager.

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