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Some of our horses available for shares. If interested please email with the horse you are interested in and your height/weight/ability if you are not a regular client. We offer different share packages depending on days and ability.

Belle - 16.2hh Bay Mare, perfect schoolmistress ridden by all abilities because of how confidence giving she is. She has taught many to canter becasue she is so smooth and easy. Due to an old injury Belle can no longer jump so looking for a sharer to do flatwork only, she also has a 11 stone weight limit. She does enjoy a hack but can be a tad spooky on the road so needs a confident rider. (Looking for a 2nd sharer)

Briar - 15.3hh Liver Chestnut Mare, as an old lady with a quieter life she is looking for someone to love her and give her lots of fuss and grooming but she also loves being ridden especially hacking. Would suit someone who wants to do some low level schooling and hacking. She can be spooky in the school but a dream to hack.

Libby - 15.2hh Chestnut Mare, recently rebacked so still green but learning quickly. Can be your typical Welsh and be a bit bargy so would need someone confident to keep up with her training. She can also be spooky when being ridden in the arena but LOVES hacking! She would hack all day long if she could, goes alone and in company, prefers to be infront.

Romeo - 15.1hh Bay Gelding, super safe chunky cob that is happy to hack alone or in company. Pretty much as bombproof as they come, his current sharer practices a lot of desensitisation with him and he is used for RDA riders. He can jump but doesn’t always know when to coordinate his legs so don’t expect many clear rounds! (Looking for a 2nd sharer)

Leah - 15hh Lemon & White Mare, perfect allrounder. Snaffle mouthed at all times, loves hacking and enjoys her jumping. Ridden by all abilities and very confidence giving. (Looking for a 2nd sharer)

Marmite - 13.3hh Skewbald Gelding, amazing confidence giving kids pony. He likes life in the slow lane but loves hacking! He’s pretty much bombproof, ridden by RDA children but also happily pops round a small course of jumps. Will stand all day to be groomed and fussed by anyone! Sometimes he can drag when being led to and from the field by children so would need a confident child to tell him no or a capable parent.

Blueberry - 13.1hh Blue & White Gelding, fun schoolmaster. Although he loves jumping and did this most of his life but due to him now getting older we are strict with the amount of jumping he does, he enjoys hacking and is good to school. On hacks he can get impatient if asked to stand and can rear but never dangerous, however due to this he does need a confident rider to hack.

Snipper - 13hh Piebald Gelding, lovely chunky cob. He is total dream to hack as he is super safe and happy to go infront or behind. Happily pops round a course of jumps, great to handle and loves being groomed and fussed.

Springles - 12.2hh Chestnut Gelding, fun kids pony that can be cheeky. Been ridden by RDA children and teaches many children on and off the lead rein. Will happily stand to be groomed and cuddled all day, enjoys jumping and hacking but can bronc out of excitement sometimes so needs a confident child if wanting to do these.

Dillon - 12.1hh Chestnut Gelding, perfect kids pony on and off the lead rein. Good to handle by children, hacks and pops some small jumps happily.

Gypsy - 12hh Piebald Mare, Used for all abilities, loves hacking and jumping, great little allrounder but can be a typical cheeky pony at times. Would excel with a small confident rider wanting to have fun. ​

Cindy - 11.3hh Grey Mare, good little alrounder that is good to handle and groom by kids. She is a dream to hack on or off the lead rein, forward going in the school off the lead rein but snaffle mouthed. Can throw a buck when asked for canter in the school so needs a confident rider, happily pops a course of jumps.

April - 11.2hh Grey Mare, perfect lead rein or first ridden pony, teaches children to come off of lead rein but will also jump a course of 60cm with a competent child. Perfect to hack alone and in company and to handle. She doesn’t really like being groomed especially by children so will need an experienced adult to help.

Alyce - 11hh Black Mare, still green in the school but super safe. Great on the lead rein, safe hacking.

Mickey - 9.2hh Black Gelding, even though Mickey is a Shetland he is impeccably well behaved and always snaffle mouthed, never silly or spooky and has been ridden on and off lead rein by all abilities aswell as being used in RDA. Hacks alone and in company and also enjoys popping a course of jumps. (Looking for a 2nd sharer)

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